Receiving a dog bite can be a traumatizing experience. If you were bit by a dog in Galveston, you should speak to a Galveston personal injury attorney. The extent of this type of injury can reach far beyond the visible wound by causing mental anguish. A victim of a dog bite has the right to take legal action to remedy the injury as well as some of the financial and emotional losses that coincide with the event. Items such as medical bills, wage loss, pain and suffering, and possible future medical expenses can all be recovered with the help of a dog bite injury attorney.

Report the Incident Immediately

First and foremost, the incident should be reported immediately. In the case that the victim is incapacitated due to injury, a witness or family member should call emergency services. The timeliness of reporting the matter will help throughout the case and avoid any questions as to why a victim waited to report the bite.

Every detail should be included by the reporting agency including:

Use common sense to include anything deemed necessary related to the dog bite. Once the report is completed, a personal injury attorney should be contacted to handle all communication with anyone involved from that point on.

Why You Should Hire a Dog Bite Injury Attorney

The benefits of hiring a lawyer are numerous. Being overly confident in your ability to represent yourself in court can get you into serious trouble. Everyday, people reduce the amount of money to which they’re entitled through simple mistakes, and in the worst cases, lose it altogether. This is easily prevented.

If you’ve ever dealt with an insurance company before, you know how hard it can be. Unfortunately, many cases end up being settled by just such companies. In the majority of cases, the first thing they’ll do is offer the plaintiff a settlement. While this can be a tempting offer, studies show that you’re not being offered the highest possible amount unless you have retained an attorney.

Another common reason for not hiring an attorney in a dog bite case is the expense involved. However, most attorneys in this field work on contingency, which means that you won’t pay anything unless they win your case for you (in which case they’ll receive a percentage of your winnings). Besides, the greater award you’re likely to receive with an attorney is typically more than enough to make up the cost.

Sometimes, dog bite cases can become complicated because the people involved know one another. Perhaps the dog that bit you belongs to friends or family members? Many worry that the dog will be put down, and they don’t want that; they just want their bills paid! Don’t think that bringing a lawyer into the situation makes it more likely that a dog will be euthanized. Such things are decided by organizations outside the domain of your lawsuit, and your lawyer will take care to be sensitive to your relationships throughout the process.

A simple injury from a dog can all too quickly turn into a serious matter. You could wind up paying massive hospital bills or even miss work! Since this is so, don’t take any chances when it comes to prosecuting your case. Instead, retain the services of a qualified dog bite attorney. You won’t regret it.

Personal Injury Attorneys Will Assist With Substantiating the Case

Dog bite injury cases are handled better with a personal injury attorney. Victims have the responsibility of showing that they were reasonable in making a claim. Dog owners often claim that their homeowners insurance will take care of the matter and walk away. This claim is not always true, which is why a personal injury attorney can seek remedy through other means. Dog owners with insurance will try and get victims to agree to a far less monetary settlement that is needed for future medical or emotional care.

Only a skilled personal injury lawyer who understands the laws of the state thoroughly will help you determine the next steps after experiencing a major injury or handling the loss of a cherished one. A personal injury lawyer like this one in Galveston acts as a voice for the victim and lawyers have the experience necessary to resolve the case quickly with the most compensation.